Tuesday, April 5, 2011

share tentang Cara Mandi Wajib..

kena selalu ingatkan saudara-saudara kita..juga ingatkan diri sendiri :)

jika mandi Wajib tak Sah..maka Ibadat kita juga tak Sah ye..Ingat tu!!!

SOALAN Nyatakan sebab-sebab yang mewajibkan mandi.

JAWAPAN Sebab-sebab yang mewajibkan mandi:

      1. Keluar mani.
      2. Haid.
      3. Janabah (bersetubuh)
      4. Wiladah.
      5. Nifas.
      6. Mati, selain mati syahid.

SOALAN Terangkan cara mandi wajib yang betul dan sempurna.

JAWAPAN Cara-cara mandi wajib :

  1. Bersihkan badan dari segala kekotoran.
  2. Hilangkan segala benda yang boleh menghalang air sampai ke kulit anggota badan
  3. Ambil wuduk.
  4. Siramkan air ke atas kepala sambil membaca niat:
  5. Nawaitu raf- al hadasil akbari fardan alaiya lillahi taaala.
  6. ( sahaja aku mengangkat hadas yang besar fardu ke atas ku kerana Allah taala )
  7. Jiruskan air ke anggota badan sebelah kanan 3X dan sebelah kiri 3X.
  8. Ratakan air ke seluruh badan. Selatkan rambut, janggut, dan semua bulu supaya air sampai ke kulit. Ratakan juga air ke tempat lipatan-lipatan dan celah anggota badan yang zahir seperti telinga, hidung, mata, ketiak, pusat, selah paha, qubul dan dubur dalam keadaan mencangkung.
  9. Jika air tidak rata dengan 3 jirusan seperti di atas, maka hendaklah ditambah lagi jirusan sehingga air rata ke seluruh anggota badan. Semasa meratakan air, hendaklah dijaga supaya tangannya tidak menyentuh qubul dan dubur tanpa lapik yang menyebabkan wuduknya batal.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear Diary~

The moment i wake up, it shows 9 in the morning. As usual, on a morning Saturday. I lay down like there’s no workday..but then i heard that my parents room opened by someone. I thought that its my mother but its my brother. I ask him where our parent are, He said that my mother went to the airport to fetch my father from Sarawak. He said that my father feel shivering and mother went with him straight to Dr.Lim in Klang. I dont know what went wrong to cause my father to shiver.. I feel confuse not about the shivering but about me what i should do. I called my baby about this, he’s working. Instead i felt unsecured. And here i am on my bed writing this and still wondering what i should do. Im still waiting for my parents to come home. Before this, i somehow confused and i went and ironed my two new baju kurung in my parents room. while i was ironing, i think about people should be thankful for having your parents around now, when they are gone somehow feel that your time is up with them and that is it. My plan for today is going out with my baby after his work to make my Engagement Dress. but it seems that the plan cannot be executed. Owh this just in..but i think i have to do other post for this good news!! bye!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dear Diary

hye people! Seriously can't wait to type everything i have in mind right now coz i tend to forget things so quickly. Ok here goes..

First, i want to say that i've already deposit money to AWC and HDC. Its a start and feels that it will get better and better. Positive. So

My Engagement Mini Pelamin : AWC
My Solemnization,2 Reception Wedding Dress (B/G) - HDC
My Engagement Day : 2 July 2011
My Solemnization Day : 17 December 2011
My Reception Days : 28 & 29 January 2012
My Solemnization Place : My house
My Reception Day : DJP, SUK

Fuhh~! I know..the dates..!! the thing is.. i really dont know about my solemnization date when is going to be but i found out from him. Can you believe it? woahh..~ I'm in jolt! And I'm already can see our Save the Date invitation. I'm flying...lalala

I'm going to do a checklist at the right panel so that it will remind me. I just bought the new Pengantin magazine and its like a bumper issue for brides wearing hijab. Many useful and helpful tips and advice on becoming a bride. I haven't read it yet but by the looks of it is very good. Worth every ringgit buying it.

Lately he's having a bad time getting used to his work and living here. I'm trying my best to help him even though its hard.
I really love him even though he tends to forget when he's mad or in a bad mood. The truth is planning my wedding is the only thing that makes me happy right now. There's a few things i have to remember like going to Khursus Kahwin.
Ok, my mind is jammed with a lot of things. I'm going to stop. so i will write again soon. bye!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dear Diary ~

Hello2 everyone! nice time for me today to write on my blog again. Yes. I've been neglecting the blog again. A lot has happen and i hope i can catch up of what has happened since the last i post. I'm playing monopoly on my ipad while writing this post. i write while i wait for my turn. hahaha.

I'm going to start on my Engagement updates. Ok, still no dates only month which is in July. Right now I'm Pelamin hunting. I would like to say a few of my choices of pelamin which i like and consider to be The Pelamin for my engagement and also for my Nikah.

Nice kan.. I realise I'm a killer for hydrangea. Look at the simplicity of the settings. Love it.
I think I got these pictures at Jovian Mandagie. I love this concept. Not that much grand but beautiful. Easy on the eye to look at. one of my choices are from Ari Wedding Couture. Actually i'm heading to MIECC tomorrow for the Festival Pengantin 2011. They say its the biggest bridal fair for this year. Going there with him..excited.Going to go to Ari's booth and see them.

My other choices are from Arma Couture, Arjuna Cipta and my favourite, Nas Great Idea. Visited them at SACC Bridal Fair last month and managed to get contacts. Cannot get a hold of them because they are busy and also my date has not been set yet. I need to save the dates please.!! In the meantime, I'm looking at Ari Wedding Couture for backup hihihi. Plus Hatta said that they do great jobs on Pelamin settings. Owh! Yes! Hatta..! yes its Hatta Dolmat of course. Last week on Sunday, Me and him met Hatta personally and get to talking. And yes he looks promising. Ok, by the looks I'm more talking about my wedding on January. Still the plan need to be tuned more. Owh Khareyan Events did enter my mind and i did communicate with Rayhan asking the price here and there but there's none after that.

Yes many of my friends and also a cousin of mine is getting married this year and January 2012. I need to to do something about my wedding/engagement checklist pronto ! Its March now..the clock ticking and ticking. I already choose one color for one of my reception but I'm not going to tell you..! Next time I'm going to post my wedding/engagement checklist. I wish i want to do a video blog so that it feels more personal. hihihi ok.. I'm going to stop here. Gonna update next time! bye!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dear Diary

Hello everybody !! I got merisik today !! I feel so happy.. I can feel there's a crown on my head. I'm just glad that today went smoothly. I can't believe I'm wearing a ring !! For sure I'm gonna show you the Majlis photos but before that i wanted to tell you how i feel about today.. I know there's a slight flaw here and there but still it can be managed. But from time to time.. I miss him so much and wanted him to be there to witnessed his mom putting the ring on my finger. Anyway, my engagement will be in July ! I know the clock starts ticking..but this time I'm gonna do it the best I can.. and I'm gonna used my GTP's to helped me. A lot of planning must be done and i have to balance between my work. I'm so excited..


Ok..above the line was what i wrote on the day of my merisik..i totally forgot to publish it. silly me.. but i'm gonna share some pictures of my merisik day.. nuthing much but just giving the view.. =)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Something that i wanted to point out..my feelings when watch this song especially at 3:10 til 3:45
somehow i feel that time stops there and teach us to cherish the moment..how i wish could get the moment..aduh..